Specialists in Traditional Window clean and Pole system

Traditional Versus Pole Cleaning

We have provided professional window cleaning for over 15 years now! We love the difference we make to domestic and commercial properties in and around North Wales. Moving with the times we not only offer the traditional window cleaning but the water fed pole cleaning too.

Traditional Window Cleaning

Traditional window cleaning uses soapy water, a hand held T-shaped bar and a microfibre sleeve. By contrast, we wash windows with a sponge and then any excess water is wiped off with the squeegee. Finally, we finish off with a microfibre cloth and wipe down the corners of the frame for maximum efficiency.

Traditional window clean

Some of properties that we service are only on the ground floor, such as ground floor flats and bungalows. The traditional method is perfect for these as it’s just easier; but there are taller buildings that require the pole.

The benefits of traditional cleaning:

  • Windows and sills are wiped down by hand adding that extra touch
  • Windows are left dry
  • Perfect for first floor or ground floor windows
  • No hose trail
  • Easy clean for interior windows

Water Fed Pole Cleaning

In contrast, we use the water-fed pole cleaning as an alternative way of cleaning windows. Did you know this form of cleaning was developed in the US and only became popular in the UK in the 1990’s? We have used this method for years with our commercial properties and continue to get enquiries for domestic cleans too.

How it works

The pole is operated from the ground and reaches areas with the brush on the end of a long extendable pole. Our operators hold the pole from the bottom reaching as high as needed with the brush which then projects the water forcefully and the window and PVC is brushed clean.

Water fed pole clean

Advantages of the water fed pole cleaning includes:

  • Cleans Windows, PVC, cladding and panelling with ease
  • Operates from the ground so your privacy is protected when cleaning bedroom windows
  • No need for ladders
  • Health & Safety risks are reduced.
  • Able to clean the hard-to-reach areas including a conservatory roof and 2 or more storey buildings

Consequently, whether you prefer traditional or pole clean we recommend a clean every 4 weeks, so your property is regularly maintained. However, we do offer 8 weekly cleans too — up to you!

So, which do you prefer — traditional or pole clean? And why? We would love to hear your thoughts.